Spy listening device – how it works and where it can be installed?

How bug works


Organised police actions and operations, politicians invigilation or industrial espionage are usual occasions where bugging devices are used. But such devices are also an interest to an average Smith, nowadays. What can this equipment be used for?

People tend to use spy listening devices for different purposes, depending on life and work situations. They often want to check their partners loyalty and collect possible evidence. They also control their children, look for materials of scandalous co-workers and bosses`behaviour.

With no doubts, we will find such equipment where big money is involved. Business meetings, competitors activities and even family inheritance conflicts.


How does a spy listening device work?

Telling the truth, it is simply a mini radio transmitter and microphone in one. It is operating like a normal radio transmitting sounds. This is how a traditional radio works. A listening device is supposed to record sounds and, particularly, conversations whose content is crucial to be won for an eavesdropper. Such devices are applied mostly by services entitled to carry out activities of an operational intelligence, including Police, Internal Security Agency, intelligence services. They are designed to provide knowledge and evidence. They are able to detect crime and its perpetrators.

The wiretaps available on the market, commonly known as bugs, allow optimum adaptation to the requirements set by a user. Their imperceptible assembly is a guarantee of absolute anonymity.


Spy voice recorders in home and office

Spy listening devices with built-in GSM module are the best solution for people caring about the safety of their house and office. During our absence, we are able to easily verify an attempted burglary and theft of both personal belongings and documents of the company. It is possible by performing a regular phone call! In this type of products, SIM card is an integral part of wiretap. It receives incoming calls and then transfers registration of ongoing listening.

Camouflaged spy listening devices can be placed in a power bar or in a surge protector, in a mouse, and in any given subject, not arousing suspicions. They have a sensitive microphone and operate in the range of about 5-6 meters. Operating time depends on the particular device, but when we decide to install a power bar, we get continuous mode of operation, thanks to the constant power supply. Without access to a continuous flow of energy, the bug works on embedded battery continuously 2-3 hours and standby about 6-7 days.


Wait for the thief in a hidden place

where to hide a bugBesides GPS tracker, the car should also be equipped in wiretapping, for example GSM A8 with a hidden SIM card. This wireless eavesdropping has the function of detecting sounds in the environment. The information about detecting sounds is transmitted via SMS.

This is an excellent form of additional protection against theft. It allows you listening of conversations between thieves in real or on their phones. Such conversations can be extremely valuable. For example you can get to know where the offender is taking your car. The GPS tracker will show you, on the map, the current location of the car, and thanks to further eavesdropping you will know what the thieves intend to do with it.


Controlling employees

The use of spy listening devices can eliminate dishonest employees. Managers who run large companies are well aware of the importance of dedication and loyalty of subordinates. The use of eavesdropping is legal under the law, but with some reservations.

Control of employees is to prove their correct attitude and integrity in dealing with customers. It also facilitates the settlement of disputes, when a customer complains about employee`s incompetence or his or her providing information inconsistent with the company’s offer. Wiretapping are installed both in offices and record the content of business calls.


Check your dog sitterCheck the dog sitter

Overtime and business trips are not in favour of pets care. Fortunately, services of pet-sitter, are widespread in the world. This new profession has become increasingly popular. British National Association of Registered Petsitters may be a good example.

When you entrust your dog or cat to a stranger, you need to make sure that the provided care will be appropriate. Especially, if your pet is ill and needs medication.

Eavesdropping device can be hidden in a collar, leash or harness. This way you can check if the pet-sitter is not aggressive, gives the food to animal or takes it for a walk.

Necessary wiretapping for the detective

Detective services are connected with the necessity of suitable equipment which undoubtedly includes wiretaps. To meet the requirements of professionalism and professional skills it is recommended to apply the best eavesdropping radio with quartz stabilisers. It provides excellent recording quality, high sensitivity and long standby time (up to 37 days!).

The device is completely safe and ensures the highest degree of anonymity. A sensitive microphone minimises noise on the scope and the range of signal reception is about 300-500 meters. Find out a wide variety of spy listening devices.

Choosing location for the eavesdropping device is only limited by your imagination, and, as Albert Einstein said, „imagination is unlimited“!


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