Is using bugging devices legal?

Legality of wiretaps

Easy access to devices which enable eavesdropping raises the temptation to use them. Many people have doubts, however, whether through the use of wiretaps we are not exposed to criminal responsibility?

Until recently, it was thought that eavesdropping on other people is at least impolite, if not shameful and scandalous and contradictory to the rules of social life and customs. It turns out, however, that more often we overhear other people, and the others eavesdrop on us. A wide range of available listening devices has made an increasing percentage of people who use this form of control.


Eavesdropping as a way of child care?

According to the Convention on Rights of a Child, every child has the right to privacy, just like an adult. Opponents of the use of wiretaps against children very often emphasize this entry. The child’s welfare is most important, however, and justified right to privacy may be limited.

For interests of children safety, parents are entitled to exercise control over them. Commonly used “electronic nannies”are nothing else like wiretaps!

“The eye of the master” is to be diminished, however, with years. Teenagers do not require constant care and interception of their conversations with friends is violation of privacy.


Eavesdropping instead of trust?

The use of wiretapping to control a life partner is a very controversial idea. Despite this, people often decide to purchase wiretaps for this purpose. An increasing part of population agrees that the inspection carried out by the interlocutor gives them a sense of peace and stability in the relationship. Eavesdropping spouses and cohabitants has become a real epidemic.

It is far safer to use services of a private investigator or , e.g a test SemenSPY to collect evidence of betrayal and partner`s lack of loyalty.


Eavesdropping employees. Is it legal?

Eavesdropping employeesMore and more often we hear about cases of workers evesdropped by the employer. Installing listening devices in the workplace is possible and in some cases justified.

When an employer suspects an employee of committing a crime, for example, intercepting confidential information related to customers, the use of wiretapping is legal. The condition for this is, however, obtaining consent of his workers to install a spy device. Wiretapping must be temporary and used solely until the disclosure of the crime or its perpetrator.


Permanent recording devices are typical in call centres. In this case, the employer must inform employees that the nature of the work requires listening to and control his or her telephone conversations with customers.


Eavesdropping is not for everyone

Eavesdropping means balancing on the edge of the law. You should be aware of this and prudent. The use of unlawful recording exposes to serious sanctions, while judicious use of wiretaps can bring benefits.

Wiretapping is an excellent source of important knowledge, improves safety of loved ones and possibility of pursuing rights in court. Remember that you must be as smart as possible when using bugging accessories. Find out the listening devices available on the market!

Prove guilt and do no harm to yourself!


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