House protection – How to protect your house against burglary?

Home security

We all know that caring about our homes is worth while. For the majority of us, Home is an oasis of peace, stability and security. Therefore, much attention should be paid to house protection!

Houses are places where we locate our possessions, belongings and valuables. Unfortunately, burglars have a perfect knowledge of it and they use this mercilessly.

The desire of increasing and improving our home security is, undoubtedly, the most important reason of applying all kinds of protections.


How to apply home security systems in a single-family house?


How to apply home security systems?The most commonly used home security systems which are burglar alarms, are connected to hired security agency. These are motion detectors, electromagnetic detectors, roller shutters, windows with multiplied layers of PVB. Some people even choose panes of tempered glass.

To protect the house, it is also recommended to use an external camera in the form of discreet photo trap. Due to an exceptional reliability and durability, it works during the worst weather conditions. Its performance won`t be affected by pouring rain, snow or strong wind. The device can be installed on the outside of the facade of the house or garage. It is only activated by movement so recording of image and sound starts only when it detects an activity in the monitored space. This way, the device is economical and allows long, even several week-working with just one battery charge. The use of GSM network provides SMS messages when presence of an intruder on the premises is detected.

Some photo traps are equipped with another important property – dating videos or photos. This is a very useful feature, which gives recordings credibility and makes them be solid evidence in court against burglars.


Having inquisitive neighbours can be a home security system

The ideas of prevailing advantages of gated communities have dominated modern residential areas. Designers and developers compete in the creation of protective systems. So we have guardians, barriers entry, video intercom and mass monitoring. Do you think that if you live in a gated community, your “nest” is free from threats? Nothing could be more wrong! Reality shows that the intrusion occurs there even more often. How come?

Burglars assume that people who protect themselves from the others, have more to lose. This suggests that their property is larger so they are very attractive targets. True professionals can convincingly play roles of employees of transport companies, couriers and postmen. Such activity is supported by widespread anonymity.


Home security

The pace of life and specificity of gated communities loose social ties. More and more often we do not recognise our neighbours, we do not know who lives behind the wall or even next door. Once omnipresent inquisitiveness gave way to passivity in establishing new relationships and contacts. Robbers can use those new trends very well. They are also extremely good at avoiding external monitoring.


Monitoring gadgets for home security

So how to secure your home? Discreetly. Hidden mini camera, invisible to thieves will record criminal activities. Cameras with built-in WiFi module will allow us to take a glimpse to current situation and quick response – a phone call to the security guard and to the Police.

The choice of hiding places for your mini cameras is very wide. The alarm clock in the bedroom, office binder or a computer mouse in the office, a wall clock in the kitchen. Monitoring integrated with a set top box can secure your living room, your door may be equipped with a viewfinder. Cameras camouflaged in docking stations, chargers, power supplies and terminal network are not bad ideas either.

Remote bugs are a perfect solutions too. The access to the Internet allows the bugs to inform us about uninvited guests. Eavesdropping device can be placed in a night light, in a USB stick or in audio speakers.


The thief does not go on holidays

Needless to say that, apart from those advanced spy technologies, a good eye of a neighbour may turn out to be the best protection. The more inquisitive the neighbour, the better. This kind of support will be especially sought during longer absences – holidays and business trips. Ask your neighbour to empty your mailboxes and to regularly walk around the garden. It signals to potential burglars that someone is in the house and, in the case of burglary, can react quickly. This is how avoid unpleasant surprises when you return home. Find out more about home security gadgets!


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