Bugs detection

Bugs detection


An „eavesdropper“ may hide everywhere! Why not to choose your office? If you only possess the information that may attract other people.


Who is exposed to eavesdropping?

  • People who are well off and of high prestigious social status,
  • journalists, politicians,
  • owners, managers, chairmen of big corporations and enterprises,
  • lawyers, legal advisors, judges, attorneys,
  • workers of specific knowledge, dealing with innovative solutions and products,
  • workers conflicted with bosses or co-workers;
  • spouses suspected of being infidel and against whom a divorce case and property division
    matter are pending.

Eavesdropping affairs frequent are observed not only in political world. Availability of bugging devices makes them popular with all people.

The decision of placing a listening device in an office, at home or in a telephone may result in gaining knowledge which, when spread with third people, especially with business competitors, may cause problems. Among possible consequences: financial loss as well as loss on business developing.


Controlled conversation

When should we fear that we are eavesdropped?

Some uncommon events in our life can make other people interested in us. When we find out that outsiders know about things that we did not reveal to them, we have a reason to worry that we have been eavesdropped.

We should pay attention to all kinds of presents we get from our contractors, business associates or clients. Bugs can be hidden in watches, lamps, USB ports and losing privacy may become an additional gift. A visit of alleged providers, couriers, specialists (e.g. from telecommunication industry) may result in installing bugs. If nobody made appointments with them, we may be certain that it is not coincidence.


Easy bugs detectors addressed for everybody

The most popular bugs detectors are able to track data transmission using radio waves in the range of ten meters. They are easy to use even for people with no technological skills. However, those detectors cannot locate devices which store data in internal memory (e.g. dictaphones). As digital surveillance equipment is getting minuscule and bugs can be placed in almost any object (e.g. in a pen), counterattacking methods should be applied.

Devices mentioned above are also efficient at detection of radio eavesdropping. In this case, full discretion is a big advantage. You can scan a room with a detector in your hand.


Bugs detectors for professionals

Professional manual detectors (they can also detect wireless video cameras!) are slightly bigger. Yet, apart from signal detecting, they enable a precise location of transmission sources thanks to the ability of receiving analog as well as digital signs. In the range of 10 Ghz, they are very sensitive and, most of them allow to read an ongoing transmission and, with in-built function Burst Detect, catch impulses emitted by GPS. This characteristic make those manual devices ideal at detecting trackers and cellphones.

It happens, though that we suppose the presence of distinct and independent bugging devices. In this case, it is recommended to apply multichannel detectors. They work at specific frequency, which permits a wide range of recognisable transmissions. Protect 1207i can service simultaneously as many as six channels at various frequencies.


Warning! A bug detected!

Operating modes of detectors depend on their types. The fact of bug detection is signalised through flashing of a diode or vibrations. The stronger the recorded signal, the bigger the scale of users information. According to the situation, we can choose a mode which is the most suitable; less or more discreet. Some efficient detectors possess all those operating modes. The user is to decide which is the most convenient. By placing the device in a pocket, we will feel vibrations if our suspicions were right. Find out more about anti-spy techniques!



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