Discreet comunication – spy earpieces! Why?

Examination accessories

What makes James Bond be a worldwide famous secret service agent? Vesper Martini (shaken, not stirred)? Yes, but this only in some social circles…Being supported by beautiful women? It is close… Confidence, the look and british accent? No, sir … Gadgets? Yes sir! Hit and sunk!

What would 007 be without those seemingly trivial spy gadgets which rescue him in any difficult situation, secure him and make him show off and define him for long, like the already mentioned drink?

But, those spy gadgets are not toys, neither bells and whistles. They can only be purchased in professional detective stores. You may ask who would use the gear worthy of a british MI6, or the question should rather be:

Who would like to be James Bond on a daily basis?

Everyone. An everyday hero. An average day can be very nice with the speed of an Aston Martin, it may also be hot with a kiss of a Bond girl. Sometimes it may be a disappointment with Martini in .. a mug. An average day can be a disaster with Ernst Stavro Blofeld alias Number One punishing a crook car seller or a rude waiter. An average day might also be a failure, since a man is just a man.

For this reason, a human being is capable of making up for imperfections and complete missing skills with the help of spy gadgets. A set of examination accessories is an outstanding example of additional support in coping with challenges. Let`s see how they can help us?

We have dotted the t`s and crossed the i`s.

The end-of-term-examinations is about to begin. All social meetings and gigs change into swoting time. It is actually how it should be. In reality it is still gig. No need to swot with friends. All kind of studing stuff can be sent to any place.

The function of images recording may come in handy then. Every scholar can be a film director for own needs, thanks to a miniature spy camera (1mm in diameter) hidden in a button. It will precisely record everything within the reach of its lens. With this support, the student should be relaxed. Yet, everything is come-at-able.

The image is sent via data transmission set. It reaches the person who is not further than 100 meters. This actually depends on varied factors: the weather, how thick the wall of the building is and whether other devices generating radio waves operate in the vicinity.

Now and again, everything can be expressed with words

If a student needs to send sounds, not images, we recommend a mini earphone with camera – GScom HD Set. This is the most advanced device at the market.

The earphone is equipped with a very sensitive microphone, intercepting even whispering, if late at night our conversation would disturb our roommates. The camera fits the palm of a hand and there is no problem in writing, at the same time. The signal is transmitted from one telephone to another via bluetooth. Additionally, recording and replaying can be controlled with a button fixed to a toe.

Under a watchful eye.

The final exams are only introduction to real life. The first car may be another test of adulthood. Who can assure that car sellers are always honest. Why do not ask an expert for help. He can remotely observe the deal and see all gimmicks used by the seller. Find out alternative ways of communication in our article!

WIn our life, at every turn we are a part of a play where, just like actors, we need a prompter that will look at the situation from a distance, assess it and finally will tell us what we should do.


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