Installation of spy devices in everyday objects

spy devices in everyday objects


What do these things have in common: a watch, a pen, a radio, a teddy bear? The answer: they can all become a perfect camouflage for espionage activities. Find out how the spy devices work!

Surveillance will only be 100% efficient when conducted in a totally conspiratorial way. What could be a better cover than the objects inspiring no suspicion that we use every day?


A „stool pigeon” always ready to fly. Installing a bug.

The range of objects in which you can install wiretaps, exceeds the limits of imagination and makes spy movies and novels resemble real stories. Bugs installation can be easy. Mini transmitters give great possibilities of the choice. They can be installed in any objects and places: a CD, a memory stick, a strip surge, a computer mouse, air freshener – these are just examples of already applied ideas. Wiretaps and bugs can also be placed in many objects. The solution helps keep discretion and prevent us from adding new gadgets in the office and at home, what can always arouse curiosity if not suspicion. This way, the eavesdropping may proceed with no interference.

When we decide to install a bug in an everyday object, we can choose a GSM module or a radio wiretap.

A GSM module is entirely integrated with mobile phone which serves here as a bugging device. The telephone is linked with SIM card located in the module using an ordinary connection or a text message. On the other hand, the receipt of the transmission from the radio interception occurs through scanners of radio frequency. In the offered devices, the radio scanners of American brand Uniden are used.

While selecting the item in which you want to install a bug module, remember to isolate it from strong waves interfering. It is better to give up items that can cause jamming. Only then we gain confidence that the device will not fail.


Staying alert or installing a video camera

Esonic Cam 3HDThe same remarks apply in the case of mini cameras. The freedom of choice and number of possibilities are quite similar. Devices in the mini version are truly tiny so their placing in the equally small objects is not a problem.

Why don`t we choose a video camera in a writing pen!

There are plenty of reasons for choosing hidden mini cameras. Checking partner fidelity or quality of child care, surveillance of offices and other private interiors. Needless to say that discretion is the main condition.

To install hidden mini cameras we use mostly interior decoration items: wall clocks, office binders, AC adapters, power banks, television set-top boxes, but also cups for coffee, which we take to the meeting. If you want to record a business meeting or, generally speaking, outdoor events, you could use glasses or an elegant tie to hide the smart hidden camera module. A range of most surprising items may come in handy when we need to have a record of something interesting.

Do you have another idea where to hide the device? No problem. A mini cam can fit anywhere and it does not diminish its recording quality or viewing angle.

Camera modules customize to your needs. Some devices ensure recording of sounds, others – images only. If we want to have a chance of immediate response to what we observe (e.g. Child abuse), the best solution is CCD-WiFi with integrated WiFi module, which ensures a remote controlling with aid of a mobile telephone. Thanks to this, we can have a real time preview. It is a priceless function, which can help you avoid some unpleasant situations.


I`ve got you!… or applying GPS locators.

Continuous size reducing of spy gadgets also relates to locators, which for the reason of their exceptional functionality, are used in many areas. Starting from controlling children to localising business and shipping vehicles.

GPS LocatorWith co-operation of the satellite navigation system, locators indicate the place of current residence with an accuracy of up to several meters. Reliability and durability of the GPS locators guarantees the possibility of placing them in objects regularly used, e.g. car seats, handbags, backpacks, watches, bicycles, and even pet collars.

Two types of GPS locators are particularly popular. They can be placed everywhere. One of them is a very popular GPS tracker GL 300, featuring a long-life battery (up to 95 days in sleep mode), water resistance and reliability – ideal for tracking shippment vehicles. The other recommended locator is GPS tracking system MT 90, which, although destined to the location of vehicles, is also ideally suited for monitoring the whereabouts of children and the elderly. In dangerous situations, built-in SOS button allows emergency calls.

The possibility to find our loved ones immediately, property, and four-legged friends saves time and nerves. In the case of children and elderly people, locators should be put in the objects that accompany them most of the time, e.g. watches.


How to install bugs, mini cams and locators?

Installation of wiretaps, hidden mini cameras and locators in chosen objects, should be performed by professionals. Specialists will also advise whether you have made the best choice. This is the best guarantee of quality of the equipment. Check out other article on this topic!


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