GPS tracker. How it works and where to install it?

GPS trackers

GPS trackers are small devices which determine geographical location of targeted people, means of transport and devices. How do they work?

GPS (Global Positioning System) was created by the US Department of Defence. The scope of it includes the entire globe. Tracking people or objects with built-in trackers is done via satellite navigation system. It is simple and precise so we use it almost every day.

Technologically advanced smartphones with GPS system or the in-car navigation are of a big help for us when we want to reach unknown places. Surveyors and surveying specialists commonly use GPS to measure the surface area. The same positioning system is the basis of Google Maps program.

The ability to track movements allows owners of transport and shipping companies to control their employees. Monitoring positions of vehicles and valuable cargo is a necessity for proper functioning of a company and means to eliminate employees-crooks.

GLONASS – a Russian alternative?

An important part of professional GPS trackers (GPS/GLONASS GL300) uses the system GLONASS (Globalnaja nawigacionnaja sputnikowaja sistiema), the Russian equivalent of GPS system managed by the Russian Aerospace Forces. Despite military management, GLONASS offers a civil profile.

The double positioning systems work independently and locators using them are remarkably effective. Both systems complement one another which results in 100% location efficacy.

GLONASS system has been introduced in some smartphones: in Sony Xperia Z, Microsoft Lumia 435, Samusung Galaxy S III i S IV, and also in Apple IPhone 4S i 5.

How does a GPS tracker work?

How does a GPS tracker work?Both systems GPS and GLONASS rely on satellite technology. An integrated unit locates an object using satellite. Yet, the object, to be located, has to be equipped in a transmitter. However, the name is simplified, because real transmitters are placed on … satellites. The devices, commonly called transmitters are, in fact, receivers of signals, which receive the information about the location sent by satellite and transfer it to the server. The data are prepared, analyzed and finally, they reach You.

Voilà! – You`ve come into possession of geographic hints which will allow you to find out where the targeted object is.

But before you get the position of the object by mobile network GSM (although, it can be done by any means of electronic transmission), you should be aware that the information is originally stored at the monitoring operator and only then sent to you with the use of appropriate software or web applications.

Who and what can be localised?

It is obvious that GPS locators are used in logistics industry, but it is not their only use. Due to small size and high strength, these devices can be used when locating a child, an elderly person or even animal.

Localising a child

GPS for kidsWe are often worried about our kids, especially when they have to return home from school on their own. It happens again and again that parents are unable to regularly collect their children after classes. The children are then to come home by themselves. It costs you a lot of stress to check and to find out whether your child is secure and back home.

GPS locator seems to be a perfect solution. With it, you will know where your child is and you will be able to follow his or her way home.

Adults but still need to be cared for.

It occurs, unfortunately, that your parents or grand-parents need special care. They may even require full time supervising. Before you decide to hire somebody to look after them, you can reduce the risk of loss using GPS system, especially when you are aware that the relatives may have problems with finding their way home or even, because of dementia, they are unable to tell their personal details.

Fleeing pet

GPS for dogSome cats have this unspeakable desire to dilly-dally. However, some dogs tend to skedaddle and … humbly return when hungry. Both cases are worth buying a locator. Locators „Tractive” are mostly recommended, due to the fact that they are shockproof and when solidly attached, are not likely to be lost. Additionally, „Tractive” is also waterproof which is an advantage, especially when your pets are fans of bathing in rivers, lakes or ponds.

To see where your four-legged friend is, you just have to use the app on your smartphone.

You are truly likely to find it quickly. 

Remember that even the most obedient dog can become a titbit for a thief. With a locator attached to its collar, you will find it immediately. Every four-footed friend of ours, deserves to be cared and secure. Find out more  GPS trackers for animals.

The best places to hide a tracker

A watch seems to be a very good idea. There are watches for children – GPS W4 or GPS W2. They are very attractive for kids and besides a built-in locator they also have an SOS button which, when pressed in emergency, allows the immediate voice connection with a parent.

What is important, this kind of GPS trackers are equipped with Geofence function. It means that you can determine a secure zone where the child is allowed to move – a priceless option when the kid goes to a playground to spend time with friends. If, out of any reason, the child breaches the limited area, you will be informed at once.

Locators (e.g. GPS P66) can be also put in a rucksack or in a toy that is always with the child. The GPS tracker that we recommend has a sensitive, tapped microphone which enables listening in real time. This will make you even more sure to know if the child is secure.

Constructed for Alzheimer’s patients, GPS Tracker V-88 can also be put in a watch. The GPS tracker will also make voice calls to people whose numbers were saved in it. In case of being lost, your relative will be able to immediately contact you and ask for help.

Vehicles are not more complicated to be found than people.

Locators may help protecting cars against thefts. Of course, they cannot prevent them, but allow to find a stolen car quickly. This is a valuable possibility, especially in the era when car stealing is a piece of cake for professionals. They know very well how to get around all the protections and fire up the engine using a portable computer.

Therefore, instead of inventing new, sophisticated protections which are always possible to be bypassed, it is better to focus on how to find the thieves and recover your vehicle..


Locators can be placed almost everywhere. Professional shops offering this sort of device, certainly will advise the best objects or places to be applied. You should take advantage of the invention, because – as you can see – locators can help you ensure the safety of your loved ones and protect your properties.



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