TOP 5 Spy gadgets

TOP 5 Spy gadgets


Playing a spy means necessity of choosing the right instruments. After all, a true professional must remain anonymous! Which device to choose and what may come in handy? Here’s a subjective overview of the most interesting accessories.


1. GPS tracker / GLONASS GL300

Miniature size of the GPS tracker makes it a suitable tool for monitoring location of children and the elderly. The device works in real time by providing information on the place where the locator is currently placed. The GPS tracker is useful and efficient at tracking vehicles in logistics companies and shipping. It can also serve as additional car theft prevention. The tool is increasingly used to control working time of employees, to track valuable shipments and to supervise work of machines.


For all the tasks mentioned above, GL300 is the most suitable. It is equipped with a precise locating module with up to 2 meters precision. How does the GPS tracker work? Through satellite navigation system you can view geographical coordinates of its location. The proposed model, in addition to standard GPS system, at the same time, uses an independent Russian counterpart – GLONASS. This gives the highest degree of safety and reliability.

Data are collected on user`s panel on the location platform GPS Trace. The access to the data is possible by means of mobile devices with Internet access. With no problem we can see the last location of the transmitter and its route within 30 days.

The GPS tracker GL300 has the option of geofencing, which allows to specify the area in which the device can be moved. After crossing of this zone, we will receive alarm notification. It seems to be an extremely useful feature for parents who care about safety of a child or for dispatchers in transport companies.

Long working hours of the GPS tracker is ensured by a built-in lithium polymer battery, which enables work at sleep mode up to 95 days! At cyclic tracking every 10 minutes, the GPS tracker is able to work up to 10 days. There are a number of accessories to increase time length of the GPS tracker, for example, power banks.


2. A pen with HD camera

Esonic cam HD3

A camera hidden in a pen is an innovative, practical and convenient way to record meetings and business negotiations. This very stylish gadget can be also used in many other ways.

Its strength is simplicity and intuitiveness of use. Its operation is based on two buttons and even an amateur with no technology skills is capable of using it.

The pen supports microSD cards of up to 128 GB, which save the recorded image. To play or archive recordings on a computer, just hook up the device to the USB port.

The device has built-in LEDs which indicates the level of battery charge with specific colours. The time of using the tool with a fully charged battery is 1 hour. If we use the main or USB adapter connected to computer system, operating time will be unlimited!

What is important, this small camera records in HD technology which gives us an excellent image quality and the fact that the recorder is hidden in an object of common use makes this discreet monitoring beyond any suspicion.


3. Recorder PV-TM10 with motion sensor PIR camouflaged in a clock.


A clock with a camouflaged camera standing on your desk. Too obvious, isn`t it? The recorder, however, is a masterpiece when it comes to functionality. Thanks to its advanced CMOS sensor, it has two modes of operation – Video recording at HD resolution of 1280 × 720 and taking pictures at a resolution of 1600 x 1200. In addition, it provides information about the current time and weather condition, so it is an excellent and versatile tool.

Recorder PV- TM10 is also equipped with a microphone and recording function activated with motion. Its detection occurs, however, in a more innovative way.

Standard motion sensors record optical activity, position change of a body or an object. In the case of this recorder we use PIR technology based on the phenomenon called termoscopy. The sensor responds to signs of heat (temperature change) occurring in its environment, and then begins the process of recording images.

The recorder is powered by an integrated lithium-ion battery, and thanks to PIR system, the time of its work can be up to six days!


4. A micro WIFI cam with recorder DVR PV-AC20UNI camouflaged in the AC adapter

PV-AC20UNIDo you need your own home or office inspection? Ok. For this type of task it is advised to apply mini cameras. When a site inspection is to be especially anonymous, the camera should be hidden in an object that arouses no suspicions, for example, in a power supply unit.

A micro camera PV-AC20UNI with lens F2.0 / 4,3mm and a matrix 1 / 2.9 CMOS is a great device for 24-hour monitoring of children or documents of a company. Full discretion is assured not only because of its perfect camouflage, but also thanks to miniature lens “Pinhole”. Thanks to excellent hardware parameters, rooms observation may proceed smoothly also in low lighting conditions.

How does the WiFi camera work? Remotely! If the device has the access to the Internet, we can play with its settings and modes from anywhere in the world.

This device has all the necessary functions. The ability to customize recording mode to suit our needs and expectations is extremely important. As a result, we can use the option of activated recordings caught by the camera with aid of movement or a chosen schedule. The perfect solution will be, when the recorded material comes up with a specific date and time, e.g. Your child`s nanny working time.

All materials are recorded on microSD cards with capacity up to 128 GB. However, if you are far from home and have no physical possibility to upload the data onto your computer, you can use recordings overwriting feature. With deleting the oldest recordings you gain free space for new ones. This does not mean that we have to say goodbye to the possibility to skim over the initial material. WiFi cam can be operated remotely and you can manage the recordings (delete or skim them over). For mobile management of your recordings you can use applications on smart phones or tablets.


5. Examination Set – mini microphone Toppro

Toppro and an inductive Bluetooth loopThis type of kit ideally suits important conferences or product presentations. Students would be probably eager to use it for some exams and it would be helpful in need to pursue a discrete conversation at a distance.

The kit includes micro earphones Toppro and an inductive Bluetooth loop, allowing communication to be imperceptible to others. It has been achieved thanks to a mobile phone and a GSM network as the means of communication.

The micro earphones are able to work up to five hours on one battery. Small size and natural colours make them almost invisible to the sight of third parties.

How does this set work? Extremely simply. Sounds are collected by a sensitive microphone located on induction loop. The loop should be placed on the neck and hidden under clothing. There is no fear that your shirt will interfere with voice reception. The loop will enable a wireless communication between the microphone and micro earphones. However, it is necessary to use a mobile phone with Bluetooth technology and to connect it with the loop. Both devices should not be too far from one another. The phone should be put in your pocket. Now, it’s time to regular phone calls. You can even use the lifeline- a phone call to a friend. Find out more spy gadgets on our website.



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