Where to hide a mini camera and what to observe?

Where to hide a mini camera?


A video recorder hidden in a pen drive, watch, lighter, and even in an office binder? This is not a set of new gadgets of James Bond! Miniature devices hidden in objects have become the sign of our times. Observing and recording are not tasks for big cameras any more. Yet, from now on, discretion has replaced other features and poses challenge number one!

In hidden mini cameras the only tiny things are lenses. Certainly, optimal time and viewing angle of 90° are key features, which constitute the hidden cameras potential and effectiveness.

What is important, quality of recorded image, by no means, resembles former problems of pixelation. Mini camera recordings are of very good quality, some even taken in Full HD technology. They have functions such as activation after motion detection, taking photos, recordings overwritting, sound recording. In a word – everything you need to become a true mini spy!


Do you need evidence? Use a hidden mini camera!

Mini camera hidden in everyday objects, offers a wide range of possibilities. It allows to record discreetly and risk-free. Wiretaps can be used to record difficult situations of harmful and unjust nature, e.g. domestic violence and bullying. Devices hidden in a binder can turn out to be a good solution at home or in the office. With the recordings marking with date and time, they will be credible evidence in trials against the oppressor.


Hire a “peeping Tom” to accompany your kids!

Mini cameras successfuly support parental control. Parents can monitor not only children but also people invited to the house. Being away for business or holidays, they can still supervise their house.


A paragon of a nanny?

MinicamsHidden cameras are also commonly used as a device to monitor competence and professionalism of childminders and nannies. It is crucial to know, after all, whether or not the child is in good hands. Parents happen to hide devices in toys or clothing left in nurseries and kindergartens. In the era of media, reports about scandalous behavior of educators, parents, not infrequently, decide to check conditions in which their off springs stay.

In such cases, CCD-Fi camera seems to be a great solution. This equipment allows to sneak peek in real time. The parent can watch live images, e.g. on a smart phone – an ideal choice when response time should be very short. CCD-Fi camera can also come in handy when monitoring the care of the elderly and the disabled.


How to nab the thief?

It turns out that installation of hidden cameras in your own apartment or home is a great way to find the perpetrators of burglary and theft. A resident of Prague got recently persuaded of this safety measure benefits when a hidden camera installed in his place recorded the entire event and perpetrators. The material submitted to the police contained a detailed list of stolen items and the faces of thieves. Needless to say that it facilitated the investigation a lot.

There are plenty of objects where you can hide a recording device. One of the most interesting is a dummy motion sensor. Thanks to capability of monitoring quite large areas, a hidden camera can be also applied to check shops, car garages, as well as the outer walls of blocks of flats or houses. These types of cameras start recording only when the sensor registers a movement within monitored area. Thanks to this, the device ignores irrelevant moments and does not strain its storage capacity. IR LEDs can additionally lighten the recorded area and a built-in audio recorder ensures high quality of recieved material.


Good food, good service and… good taste

A camera hidden in a hanger for outer clothing, seems a great way to observe the interior of a housing, but also public areas such as restaurants, cafes, pubs. Keeping places of a large migration of people is connected with the risk of many unpleasant situations for their owners, like customers leaving premises without full payment, fights and beatings, and even terrorist attacks. Such places undoubtedly require supervision.

Camouflaging spy devices is also an aesthetic solution. Public places need no longer being disfigured by large CCTV cameras. Hidden mini cameras can be placed in decorative accessories.


Gadgets for animal lovers

Mini cameras for a dogThe hidden mini camera is not only to observe people, but also… animals.

Having it installed, we can find out how pets behave when waiting for us at home. Whether or not they bark when left alone. Spying a cat will bring us the answer to the question of any cat lover – whether or not it strolls on the table and on the kitchen counter. We can also make sure that it does not treat itself to our favorite, but poisonous flowers, if it does not try to snack on dog’s bowl, or where it likes to hide the most.

For true lovers of nature, a hidden mini camera is a chance to perform unique recordings and photographs of wild animals in their natural habitat! Hidden mini camera may be taken to night fishings, camping in a forest or safari rallies.

Hidden cameras installation ideas know no bounds! Wall clocks, alarm clocks, electronic clocks, until completely unusual and totally beyond suspicion, power supply units, which give an additional advantage – continuous working by constant power supply. Find out other camera types for discreet surveillance in our next article!


The choice of equipment and its camouflage should depend on your expectations and, above all, on who or what we want to “spy”. Why should we use spy equipment? You never know whether recorded video does not provide you with necessary knowledge which will make you take radical life changes or asserts your rights in court.


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