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Revealing infidelity

Nowadays, the pace of life is not in favour of starting and keeping relationships. Career chasing makes our private life move to the second place. We want to be perfect in our professional duties, we climb the career ladder, forgetting our loved ones.


Success in the first place! When British cheat on their partners?

Ironically, it is not holidays or health resorts which are the theatre of infidelity acts. These are places where we spend the majority of our time. No wonder that love affairs happen mainly at work..

Work is devouring the biggest part of our time. It is due to unlimited ambition and desire to develop our skills at any cost.

 As many as 39% people questioned admitted that their intimate relationships out of wedlock had had their sources at work. Professional activity has become the centre of our life and there is no border between private and professional part of it. The main part of love affairs do not destroy stable relationships.


How to find out that your wife is cheating on you?

How to reveal infidelityAny kind of unexpected changes in behaviour, attitude, mood and also in appearance can be a signal of your wife`s infidelity. If the wife stays longer at work, goes out with friends more often than before, avoids caresses and seems to daydream, you can suspect that she has a new relationship. Women involved in love stories usually care more about their looks.

Although women`s behaviour is generally difficult to be judged, in case of suspicions you should take into consideration changes at three areas:

  • attitude – growth in self confidence, in feeling of independence, the lack of care about you and your problems, absence of demands towards you (also when it comes to housework).
  • mood – visible signs of satisfaction and joy paired with expression of mysteriousness.
  • look – new hair cut, new clothes, stronger make up can suggest that your wife wants to be more attractive.


How to find out that your partner is cheating on you?

Men exhibit similar changes of attitude when involved in new intimate relations. The lack of the wedding ring, intensive usage of perfumes or traces of lipstick on the shirt are doubtless proves. Business trips, working on projects in overtime or significant growth in duties are frequent excuses when infidelity takes place.

 Things that are worth being noticed:

  • he avoids close moments and spending time together and when these happen, he seems to be absent and somewhere else.
  • he is significantly less involved in everyday life (communication limited to short utterances).
  • he spends more time at his computer, uses his telephone remarkably more often than ever, being visibly confused when asked what he is doing or who he is talking to.
  • he leaves home for work earlier than before and returns home later.
  • he often does not answer calls or his phone is switched off.
  • he builds up his privacy: you have no access to his computer and telephone.
  • he behaves in an incomprehensible and a very mysterious way.

All those signs can prove partner`s infidelity but may also be with no reason. They may as well be triggered by stress, accumulation of duties and by desire to enhance his or her appearance. Voicing accusations does not improve your relationships, particularly when your partner is innocent.

„Trust is a good thing, but supervising does no harm“

You have to be careful when judging your partner, but when you are persuaded, it is worth to use ways which will confirm or refute your suppositions.


Monitoring your partner`s computer.

Monitoring your partner's computerYou can reveal real reasons of your partner`s attitude changes supervising websites, social media, communicators that he or she visits.

You can observe your partner`s Internet activities using keyloggers memorising keys used by your partner. It enables the access to the content of your partner`s posts. Program keyloggers can facilitate the control of activities by intercepting screen shots. It allows you to see photos and videos looked through by your partner.

The above operations are entirely undetectable to anti virus software. Computer software itself does not show the user that a keylogger is connected. This way, information intercepting won`t be discovered by your partner. Additionally, the installation and the use of keyloggers is intuitive and easy even to less experienced users.

To start a keylogger you need to connect it between USB port (or PS2) and the keyboard and then, using short cuts, to write in an appropriate formula. The content generated on the keyboard will go to the memory of the device and you will gain an anonymous access to it.
However, it has to be underlined that such a control is illegal. That is the reason you`d better asked an expert for help and advice or simply, turn to an agency.


Telephone monitoring

SpyPhone allows for tracking the location and listening to conversations on the cell phone that it is installed on. If you suspect your partner you can check where they are and eavesdrop what do they speak about. Data transfer also enables recording of the surrounded noises. The application records phone calls with text messages and caller`s data. With this application you can monitor phones using Android, iOS and Symbian systems.

Fidelity tests

The above methods may turn out to be insufficient to prove intimate infidelity acts. In this case, the use of tests is recommended. The tests are discreet and within about 10 minutes you can have the result.

SemenSPY tests are based on detecting semen traces. They reveal prostate-specific antigen (PSA) existence on sheets, sofas, clothes, leaving them untouched. The results of the tests are reliable and the use of the test is undetectable.

Summing up, if you want your relationship to be trustfully continued, before you accuse your partner of infidelity, make sure that your suspicions were based on facts.


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